Loop YouTube Videos - YOUTUBE REPEATER - Repeat YouTube Videos

Free Online tool to loop YouTube videos

If you want to listen/watch to your favorite videos on loop, paste YouTube video URL into the box below, and click the REPEAT VIDEO button.

Youtube Repeater will allow you to listen to your favourite youtube musics, video songs or rhymes repeatedly with a single click. Once add your video link to our page and click REPEAT VIDEO button, the video will continue to play on a loop (Repeatedly) until you stop it.

How to get a YouTube video link?
To get the link, go to YouTube, find your favorite video. Click the share option and click on the copy link option.

Now go ahead and listen to that song you just can't get out of your head repeatedly. We are here now to help you find even more content you'll love. What are you waiting for? Enter your favourite video on a loop.

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