15 Incredible Sculptures From Various Artists

By March 15, 2016Art

by Mattia Trotta

Seo Young Deok’s Bicycle Chain Sculpture

Figurative Sculpture by Manuel Martí Moreno

Manuel Martí Moreno – Iron Sculpture

Bronze sculpture by UK artist Sukhi+Barber, who spent twelve years in Kathmandu, Nepal studying Buddhist philosophy and lost-wax bronze casting.

Human Figures Composed of Unraveling Stainless Steel Ribbons by Gil Bruvel

Violin Player by Dam de Nogales

Richard Stainthorp

Figurative Sculptures Made From Tightly Welded Chains. Korean artist Yeong-Deok Seo creates imposing figurative sculptures using tightly knit configurations of welded bicycle chains and industrial steel chains. While impressive in their intricacy and the apparent skill required to create them, the artwork’s titles such as Infection – Anguish,Infection – Ego, and Addict, suggest the rippled surface created by the materials is not an arbitrary decision. These are figures of individuals in dispair, pockmarked with disease, the chains acting as a metaphor for the human condition. youngdeok.com

Anna Myranda

Gil Buvel

Dynamic steel sculpture by Regardt van der Meulen

Metal Wire Sculpture by Park Seung Mo

Gil Buvel

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